Webhosting, Smart Homes and Solar, and Cyber Security

One of the most important and most relevant updates in the world of 2017 is the concept of Cybersecurity. Every day, you hear about huge companies being hacked. You hear about different malwares and different viruses that can basically totally destroy society. And you sadly hear about how this impacts victims lives – from barely doing anything to them losing everything. You have to take steps to prevent all this malicious activity. And today’s article is talking about smart homes and solar panels – the ones that are connected to websites, and the implications of what it means if you get hacked.

Preventing your smart home from getting hacked

One of the most important things you can do to prevent your smart home from getting hacked is to frequently change your passwords to the login apps. Make them very challenging. Always remember them too.  Don’t make them too obvious. This is the first step from preventing a smart home attack. You do realize, that if your login gets hacked, someone can open your doors, turn on the lights, control the temperature, and control your solar panels, which we’ll speak on a little bit next

Preventing your solar panels from getting hacked

One of the worst things is waking up and realizing that your solar panels have been hacked from a smart home breach / or hacked login. This could mean much more time and expense in getting a new solar panel system installation. Many local companies do great job of making sure that their customers never get hacked by offering a 2 step opt in code. The first is your password but the next is a text that goes directly to your phone. This is how many of the top companies do it, and that’s what we suggest as far as prevention goes.

So to recap, make sure you have really good passwords and that you change them frequently. Make sure that you monitor all logins and always make sure that you have a 2 step opt in process for accessing your information, even if it’s a little less convenient.

Hopefully that helps you stay secure!

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